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I was born in County Dublin-Ireland, the only girl in a family of six boys. My parents Catherine and Joseph ran a cattle farm about 25 minutes from Dublin City Center. At an early age I was sent to a private Boarding School essentially for young ladies.

I then decided to study bio-medical science and later worked in Trinity College Dublin, Iraq, and University of Zurich, Switzerland, where my husband Tom soon joined me when he took up a position as an academic lecturer. We later set up an extremely successful academic Institute in Switzerland. We travelled worldwide on business and privately. While we were on business in Turkey, Tom died suddenly from a brain hemorrhage. Through this trauma I was alone and also had to return to Ireland for his funeral and then to Switzerland to take over my late husband’s Directorship of our International Management Institute.

Four years later I met Bill, out of the blue – manna from Heaven. After sixteen years of bliss, dear Bill, too, died suddenly. My trauma once more was unbearable.

Now, I am with my little gem – my cat Tatiana who has been with me through thick and thin and whose story will soon be published also.